Refikler Commune

We have come together with the awareness that all of us are coming from the society that
generates domination, hierarchies, and privileges; with a claim that it is possible to create a life
that keeps these problems out; with a refusal of all kinds of domination and inequality-based
socialities’ legitimacy; with the intention that this current state can be transformed and a life
we want to live can be multiplied.
We perceive these issues as the trajectories through which the life we want can be created:
General Principles
To attempt to abolish hierarchical meaning systems’ legitimacy, with a critical
understanding, and to expose their manifestations in our daily lives.
To oppose the conversion of differences into privileges and domination.
To go against an ideology of “deserving” which entails that those who put more or more qualified effort can demand superiority or privilege over others.
To maintain a life that is collective, open for multiplication and nurturing, with anonymity,
To organize the grounds for a communal economy, with a different understanding of
current ideology of economics; to delegitimize this ideology and the psychology that is
generated with it,
To see it necessary to be critical and open-minded against the sociality that we are coming
from which created hierarchies and privileges, to go against our preconditionings,
presuppositions, and habits that are being generated from that sociality,
To accept to be each other’s companion, critic, and facilitator for change,
To pay attention to strip ourselves away from the ownership ideology that includes claiming
ownership of our personalities and identities; and to declare the illegitimacy of them,
Labor Relations
To perceive and organize labor as a life endeavor, rather than “working hours” or shifts,
To prevent the emergence of permanent divisions of labor,
To strip ourselves away from industrial, standardized, and mass production,
To enrich and multiply the trajectories and methods that ease the life of labor,
To organize the processes of inclusion, to be open for companionship and participation,
To collectivize the technologies, and to unravel ourselves for criticism regarding private space
and private property,
To refrain to establish relationships of paid labor; to give importance to rely on our own
To criticize our consumption habits and perception of consumption, with an awareness that
we are coming from a consumerist society,
To maintain the awareness concerning the ideology of expertise; to stress the ability to learn
and pay attention to relational and contextual knowledges,
To understand growth as a tendency to be limited; to refrain from romanticizing production,
To consider personal/private prosperity as illegitimate,
Knowledge and Critique
To refrain from relations that are based on calculability and efficiency,
To consider knowledge and wisdom as a collective product of humanity; to rethink the
relationship that we construe with knowledge and learning out of the dominant system’s
pragmatic rationality which is a product of domination and hierarchy,
To maintain a discussion of a mental and intellectual development that aims to expose and
abolish our current perceptions, presuppositions, and ways of seeing, as well as the sociality
they produce,
To regard to be cold and clear in the principles, and to pull ourselves and each other towards
those principles rather than re-interpreting the principles flexibly,
To be inclusive and facilitating for ourselves and each other, with the consciousness that
these efforts may not be simultaneous for each of us,
To understand that this experience of creating a communal life is and will be a process which
can never be measured/tested by its consequences,
To abolish all sacredness and holiness; to expose their features which generates hierarchical
meaning systems, and institutions of domination,
Ecology and Nature
To refuse an anthropocentric worldview; to expose the legitimacy that this worldview brings
to other hierarchical meaning systems,
To fight against destruction of the nature; to refrain from a mystified and ascetic
To re-think regarding the current mind-body relationship, and to constitute a liberating and
nurturing mind-body relationshi